CHC-6 Automatic Linear Filling Line


This machine is suitable for bottle sorting, conveying, and filling of various types of bottles, such as glass bottles, PP bottles, PET bottles, tube mouth bottles, tin cans, etc; Applicable material range: fluid, paste viscous materials, etc;
This machine is professionally designed and customized for customers, suitable for filling two different diameters, bottle types, and materials;
The entire line consists of three parts: bottle sorting machine, conveyor, and filling machine, connected into a high-efficiency, automated, and low fault production line.

Organize the bottle section
Functional features:
1. The body is made of 304 # stainless steel, clean and hygienic;
2. Manually place the bottles into the bottle supply disc, which rotates at high speed (with variable frequency speed regulation) to supply the bottles as required and transport them to the next production process;

Conveying and filling parts
Functional features:
1. Conveyor section:
① The main body of the rack is made of 304 # stainless steel material;
② Using green PE lined guide rails;
③ Adopting stainless steel wheel axles and stainless steel chain plates;
④ Stainless steel bearings and bearing seats are used, and the tension of the transmission chain is adjustable.
2. Filling machine part:
① The main body of the rack is welded with 304 # stainless steel square tubes, wrapped with 304 # stainless steel, and the food contact part is made of 304 # stainless steel material;
② The filling section is professionally designed and customized for customers' products, suitable for filling two different bottle types of materials (one filling paste and one filling sugar water), each equipped with six filling heads;

The adaptive paste filling part adopts servo quantitative filling, and each quantitative pump is equipped with a servo motor drive to improve filling accuracy. The capacity can be set through the touch screen terminal;
Adapt to the use of self flow filling in the sugar water filling section, using liquid level detection to maintain consistent liquid levels in the bottle;
③ Equipped with 304 # stainless steel U-shaped horizontal material bucket with stirring;
④ Photoelectric detection without bottle filling;
⑤ Equipped with CIP cleaning function, it can clean the inner wall of material containers and the filling valve filling pipeline filling pump body.
Electrical components (imported or domestic electrical components can be matched according to customer needs):
① Using Taiwan's "Yonghong" PLC; ② Adopting Taiwan's "Weilun" touch screen; ③ Using Taiwan's "Shilin" frequency converter; ④ Adopting Taiwan's "Shilin" servo motor; ⑤ Using French "Schneider" switching power supply, contactors, etc.; ⑥ Adopting Japanese "Omron" temperature control meter, encoder, and photoelectric switch; ⑦ Adopting Chinese "Zhongda" motors; ⑧ Adopting Taiwan's "AirTAC" pneumatic components;

Post time: May-12-2023