CHGD-85D Horizontal premade bag type irregular bag packaging machine

Short Description:

*Product application scope:

Liquid category: soy sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, enzyme drinks, composite drinks, etc.

Sauce type: tomato sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, etc.

Paste: shampoo, hair care cream, facial mask cream, paste with high viscosity, etc.

Product Detail

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Product Description

*Description of the machine's materials and structure:
① The machine features a stainless steel appearance (grade 304#), and the carbon steel frame and certain accessories undergo acid treatment and anti-corrosion coating.
② The bag placement slot is designed for convenience and simplicity, with an automatic bag pressing device included.
③ It allows manual adjustment of the bag width and can be equipped with different feeding systems, enabling multiple functions within a single machine.
④ The machine offers a high level of automation, easy operation, and a mechanically stable transmission performance.
⑤ It can be integrated with various systems for coding, spraying, exhaust, punching, discharge, and conveying.

*Work flow: Manual placement the bag→suction of bags→coding→opening the bag→filling→ leveling of bag opening→sealing→Punching and shearing of irregular shapes→finished products falling onto the conveyor,Fully automated control of the entire process.

Product parameters

Model CHGD-85D
Packaging bag type Four side sealing bag、Three side sealing bag
Production rate 20-35 bags/min
Filling Volume 20-100g
Machine Power 3-phase 4-lines/380V/50/Hz
Air Consumption 0.7 m³/min  0.65-0.7Mpa
Machine Dimension 1906x1337x2010mm(L x W x H)

*We can design new models according to users' needs.

Our Advantages

1. We have an excellent R&D team, strict QC team, exquisite technical team, and excellent service sales team to provide customers with the best service and products.
2. Make quality the first consideration.
3. Good quality: Good quality can be guaranteed, which will help you maintain a good market share.
4. Fast delivery time: We have our own factory and professional manufacturers, which saves you time negotiating with trading companies. We will do our best to meet your requirements.


What is the cost of this device?
The price depends on your company's technical requirements for the equipment, including the use of domestic or foreign brands for related accessories and the need to match other devices or production lines. We will provide accurate plans and quotations based on the product information and technical requirements you provide.

Approximately how long is the delivery time?
For a single device, the delivery time is generally 40 days, while large-scale production lines may require 90 days or more. The actual delivery date will be determined once both parties confirm the order and we receive the deposit for your products and equipment. If your company requires an earlier delivery, we will make our best efforts to meet your requirements and complete the delivery as soon as possible.

What are the payment methods?
The specific payment method will be mutually agreed upon. Typically, a 40% deposit is required, with the remaining 60% payable upon pick-up.

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